M7-2005 Jalkaprässi istuen /Seated Leg Press

GPF Realleader Jalkaprässi istuen painopakalla

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Paino 450 kg (kilogramma)


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GPF Realleader Jalkaprässi istuen painopakalla

The main tube of the product is imported oval tube, size of which is 115*57mm and wall thickness of which is 3mm. Pipe diameter of moving part is 48mm, and wall thickness of that is 2.5mm. High density sponge is used to make cushion and back cushion, surface of which are thickened leather fabric of 2mm. Owing to the high strength steel wire rope, diameter of which is 6.0mm, and aluminum alloy pulley, the product features smooth movement, steadiness, and durability. Seated Leg PressAdjust the back support so that your knees are slightly over the edge of the chairAdjust the foot rollSelect weightExtend your legs and return to starting position Muscle:Quadriceps of leg
Set-up dimension:2000*1200*1650weight stack:200lbs/90kgnet weight:261kggross weight:306kg