M7-1011 Rinta- takaolkapääkone / Pec Fly/Rear Delt




The M7 Line features Dual-Pulley design and white acrylic enclosure. Each machine has a rack for towel and water bottle holder. The range is constructed from 57*115*3MM elliptical section and design is based around good Kinesiology motion. The machines adopt stainless fasteners, an excellent powder coat paint finish and superior welding. These features combine to produce a beautiful and attractive range. Pectoral fly:Adjust seat height so elbows are slightly below shoulderAdjust start position using overheadSit with chest up,shoulders back and grip vertical handles with elbows slightly bent.Pull handles together with a smooth motuonReturn weight with controlled movement to starting positionRear deltoid:Adjust seat height so arms parallel to floor while holding inside handles.Sit facing pad and grip handles firmlyWith elbows bent slightly,rotate handles out and back ,keeping elbows at grip heightReturn weight with controlled movement to starting positionMuscle:Pectoralis,Anterior Deltoids,Posterior Deltoids,Trapezius