M7-1009 Soutukone istuen /Seated Row/Rear Delt




The M7 Line features Dual-Pulley design and white acrylic enclosure. Each machine has a rack for towel and water bottle holder. The range is constructed from 57*115*3MM elliptical section and design is based around good Kinesiology motion. The machines adopt stainless fasteners, an excellent powder coat paint finish and superior welding. These features combine to produce a beautiful and attractive range.
Seated Row /Rear Delt:Sit down,place feet on the supports with legs slightly bentSelect weightStraighten torsoPull handles towards stomach Muscle:Trapezius,Latissimus DorsiSet-up dimension: 1600*920*1420mmNet weight: 155kgGross weight: 188kgWeight stack: 180lbs/81kg.