M7-1004 Vatsarutistuslaite /Abdominal Crunch




M7-1004 abdominal crunch adopts innovative regulation cushion and abandons adjustable seat, so adjustment is unnecessary now. Back cushion can stabilize pelvis, so the separation of abdominal muscles is more obvious. What’s more, adjustable leg support is suitable for users of different stature.Product features:1. The best initial position of back can effectively stretch abdomen.2. The unique and professional design of simultaneous movement of thigh can achieve the best shrink effect of abdominal muscles.Recommended applications:1. Exercise rectus abdominis.2. Nurse and prevent problems of spine and joint.Muscle:rectus abdominis.set-up dimension:1300*1200*1650
weight stack:150lbs/67.5kg
net weight:132kg
gross weight:182kg