M7-1003 Pystypunnerruskone /Shoulder Press




M7-1003 seated shoulder press is characterized by unique concentrated motion path when you push up, which conforms to natural movement of human body and provides the most comfortable exercise feeling and better exercise effect. The counter weight can reduce initial resisting force, so the product is also available to beginner. The dual-angle design of handle contributes to various ways of training.Product features:1. The shrink radian of movement is similar to dumbbell.2. Independent exercise arm contributes to better balance of force training.3. The movement flat leans forward slightly, so impact on joint can be reduced furthest.4. Neutral handle offers different exercise grades and personal preferences.5. The balance force of each exercise arm reduces initial resisting force.Recommended applications:1. Exercise pectorals and deltoid specifically.2. Exercise stability of shoulder joint.3. Correct imbalance of muscles of arms and trunk.Muscle:Deltoid and triceps.Schematic diagram:Dimension:1700mmx1620mmx1450mm
Weight Stack:150lbs/67.5kg
Net Weight:143kg
Gross Weight:173kg