Detailed information1 The main frame is made of imported oval tube size of 57 * 115 * 3MM , durable and safe2 rotating Department is high-quality bearings which diameter is 48mm and wall thickness of that is 2.5mm,the use of durable, no noise when used.3 seats with high-density sponge and leather; and makes the user feel comfortable during exercise.4 using 6.0mm high strength steel wire rope as the transmission line, so you feel safe and durable.5 steel pipe surface with bright metallic paint, beautiful appearance.
M7-1002 Seated Lateral RaiseM7-1002 Seated Lateral Raise is equipped with picture of operating instructions, which is designed for correct setting and use.Set-up dimension: 1300*1250*1450mm
Net weight: 143kg
Gross weight: 173kg
Weight stack: 120lbs/54kg
Muscles: Deltoids