M3-1009 Jalkaprässi istuen /Seated Leg Press

GPF Realleader Jalkaprässi istuen painopakalla

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Ennakkotilattavissa, toimitusaika-arvio 2-12 viikkoa

Paino 300 kg



GPF Realleader Jalkaprässi istuen painopakalla. Ojennettaessa kasvava kuorma säästää polviniveltä.

The M3 series adopts modern aesthetics to streamline the main frame, and the top shelf is made of aluminum alloy die-casting mold, which is convenient for users to place kettles, towels, mobile phones and other items.Built-in double pulley design, the use of ergonomic principles, the overall appearance design is concise and generous, fully enclosed cover, carbon fiber imitation processing, highlight the grade, the whole framework is made of 50 * 100 * 3 mm rectangular tube, the painting process is covered with zinc spray at the bottom, middle layer spray metal, finally the transparent powder is sprayed on the surface of frame,increase the texture of machine.M3 line embodies the Realleader of the perfect combination of mechanics and aesthetics.