Tuotenumero: M-06

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Laadukas juoksumatto jossa pehmyt vaimennettu juoksualusta, automaattinen voitelujärjestelmä, luistonesto sekä portaaton nopeuden- ja kulman säätö kiertämällä nupista takaavat turvallisen juoksuelämyksen.

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1. Design concept

The fashionable and unique design concept is perfectly integrated with Spanish design theory and gives the unit a noble look with color matching, abundant connotation and elegant streamlined appearance with sense of power as well as delicacy and perfect demonstration of the technology.


2. Feature

(1) Hi-tech from Europe is applied together with self-lubrication system, digital transmission system, anti-skidding design and stepless switch for incline&speed adjustment which greatly enhance stability and safety in exercise.


(2) High strength shockproof running board and quality motor and running belt imported from abroad help to increase the durability and make it safer with longer service life.

(3) Keys: touch type and press type; direct selection key for speed, incline and shortcuts; user-defined time and distance options, etc..

(4) Workout program: 8 preset programs with 2 user-defined programs included which have the functions of soft stop and total mileage recording.

(5) High-end design concept from the west is adopted while imported stepless switches are applied for incline and speed adjustment which bring more fashion to the unit.

(6) Technical parameters

   Speed range: 1~20km/h, incline range: 0~20%

   Running area: 580mm*1585mm

   Floor area: 2360mm*940mm*1565mm

   Running boar: T25mm*604mm*1530mm

   Running belt: T4.0mm*580mm*3560mm

   Front and rear cylinders: ¢100mm