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Porrasnousulaite / Stair Climber .  Hätä- ja automaattinen turvapysäytys, käsikahvasykemittaus, digitaalinen näyttö, toimii verkkovirralla. Kauko-ohjaimet käsikahvoissa.

Tehokas porraskone pakaroille, reisille, rasvanpolttoon ja kiinteykseen. Taattu sykkeen nousu.


Product Desciption

Stair Climber 

Manufactured with patent 
Automatic control system 
LC display: Current time, speed, calories, heart rate, climbing height, step numbers and developing line. 
Setting the time, climbing height and calories consumption. 
AUTO SPEED MODE can adjusr the speed currently. 
Climbing speed adjustable, speed range from 4m/min to 15m/min. 
Heart rate device can show the current heart rate. 
On and off with one key, convenient and fast. 
Stop slowly to be safe 
Accumulative climbing height and time-check. 
Infrared induction safety device can make you more safe. 
Turn-on or turn-off infrared induction safety device at any time. 
Energy-saving design 
Strong structure, durable in use. 
ABS Plastic main cover, safe, envionmentally protective, beautiful and fasionable. 

Max Load: 110KGS 
Mountain slope: 25° 
Voltage: AC110/220V, 50~60Hz 
Max noise: ≤ 65dB(A) 
Start load: 35kg 
Ladder height: 122mm 
Speed scope: 4-15m/min 
Max rated power: 22W 
Occuples space: 1217mmx712mmx1741mm 
Package size: L*W*H=153cm*80cm*62cm 
Net weight: 105kg 
Gross weight: 120kg