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Gym Productions Finland Ltd

Gym Productions Finland Ltd, is specialized in developing and designing gym’s operational environment, observing different target groups. Our customer service covers your purchasing facility designing, financing, equipping, usage and service directions, technical assistance and assembly, maintenance and spare part service. We produce and develop high-quality GPF SmartFit fitness and cardio equipment with the international cooperation and we represent Panatta fitness equipment and Air-Machine rehabilitation and testing equipments which offer the newest welfare technology. We also represent other highly progressive gym equipment brands, such as Body-Solid multi gyms, training gear and rehabilitation equipment. From our wide product category you can find always something new and motivating for your customers. We help you to find appropriate gym equipment for every target group and from small gym rooms to thousands of square meters wide health clubs. Welcome to our website. Here you can become acquainted with our products and services. We help companies and societies to design gym services with decades of experience. Ask for help from us already in the beginning. We’re looking for dealers from Europe and Baltic countries.


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